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Set up your camera so the painting almost fills the viewfinder.

Set your camera for the correct lighting setting. That is, if you are using tungsten or halogen lights, set your camera to Tungsten. If you are using daylight balanced bulbs, set your camera to Auto White Balance.

Position your two lights slightly in front of the camera and at a 45 degree angle to the surface of the painting. Each light will cancel the shadows cast by the other light.

Notice that in this illustration the painting appears distorted, as if it is leaning backwards, against a wall. The top of the painting appears smaller in width than the bottom. Make every effort to have your painting sit as straight up as possible with the width at top and bottom as equal as possible. The less distortion, the better.

Adjust the angle of your camera on the tripod to make the painting appear to be as 'square' in the viewfinder, as possible. You want a rectangle with 'square' corners. Not a trapezoid.

In the event you don't get perfectly square corners, that can be adjusted later in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, as can the white balance.

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