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The quality of your watercolor supplies will not only determine how well your work will stand up to time, it will also be an important factor in how easy or difficult it will be for you to create your work.

Even if you are on a strict budget, I recommend you buy Artists' quality paints and paper.

Patrice's bare bones,

Six Plus One, Minimal Palette is for those on a very tight budget or those of you who are particularly interested in learning to mix colors, indicated by an X on the color charts.

My Basic 24 Color Working Palette, is indicated by a * on the color charts.

My Portrait Palette, is indicated by a P on the color charts.

I keep the Full 42 Color Palette at hand. You do not necessarily need all these colors in the beginning, or perhaps, ever. I love color. Many painters do with less. In addition to these, I have many more that I use on occasion, but not often enough to justify taking them with me when I travel.

The vast majority of these paints are single pigment colors. Please note brand and color pigments numbers when making your purchases. Manufacturers sometimes change formulae from time to time and new versions may differ in pigment components. Beyond that, even identical color numbers can vary greatly by brand.

Every paint listed is, to the best of my knowledge, a durable color. I cannot recommend that anyone include fugitive colors in their palette.

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